about OORtreders

OORtreders 2018 | Festival for art with sound
‘Say Something!’
20 October- Provincial Domain Dommelhof, Neerpelt

OORtreders Festival is a day of fun in the forest, with adventurous music and sound art by young, upcoming makers at unusual locations in the Limburg Canal Zone. In the theatre spotlights or the forest shadows, this festival with more than 25 concerts, performances and sound installations is the ideal listening place for anyone fascinated by unfamiliar terrain. The theme of the second edition is musical signals: Say Something!

OORtreders Festival brings together artists from Belgium and abroad with a single, shared focus: sound. How can sound as a medium be used to step beyond the borders of a discipline? OORtreders is Afrikaans for ‘trespassers’, but in Dutch it literally means ‘EARwalkers’. OORtreders wander through forbidden territory or no-man’s-land, far from the beaten path. This is the field of transdisciplinary art or inter-art: art between disciplines and genres, between the auditorium and public space, between passive and active experience, between ear, eye, body and brain.

‘Say Something!’
This is the second edition of OORtreders Festival, focusing on communication through sound and music. What can we say with sound? When do words fall short, when does music say more than language? The programme explores various musical possibilities for exchanging simple and more complex sound signals. Sounds from afar, resounding in public space or soft, almost inaudible messages: acoustic and digital signals come in various forms and with different meanings. The programme brings together a selection of contrasting new and existing work. From the primitive sound of two stones banging against each other to the complex network of signals in which human beings, like walking antennae, constantly interact with each other and their environment. Somewhere between a concert and a walk, the programme investigates communication today and goes in search of new connections.

OORtreders expo
19-21 October

During the OORtreders weekend, there will be a free trail of sound installations through Klankenbos, Europe’s largest open air sound art museum. Did you miss some of the works of art at the festival? Stay for an extra day in the forest and enjoy the work of various international artists during your woodland walk.