Kunstacademie Noord-Limburg & Bells Lab - 5 to 12 (cancelled)

Sat 24 Oct 2020 - 10:30 to 11:55
Markt Neerpelt, Marktplein z/n, 3910 Pelt

The music students from the Kunstacademie Noord-Limburg play with time and raise the alarm for the climate. From September, they will be working on a composition for carillon and percussion with the town carillonneur and teachers Jan Verheyen (BE) and Martijn Vanbuel (BE). The work will be performed by percussion group Slaen at the Market Square in Neerpelt on Saturday morning 24.10. The start time is still unknown, but the end is certain: clock strike at 5 to 12. What happens next is in the hands of the people themselves. In this way they want to make spectators, passers-by, citizens and politicians aware of everyone's own responsibility and decisiveness.

Performance: Percussion Group Slaen, Jan Verheyen + students

In collaboration with Bells Lab (mobile carillon), Kunstacademie Noord-Limburg, C-TAKT, Musica, Impulse Center for Music.