Book Of Air VVOLK (Granvat) (BE)

LP Release: Se (in) de bos (2018)

20 October ━ 22.15
Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Toekomstlaan 5, 3910 Neerpelt

A concert to be enjoyed lying down, with ultra-slow clouds of sound, played by an orchestra of 18 jazz and contemporary musicians. On the borderline between composition and improvisation, sounds are slowed down microscopically to create atmospheres in which all sense of time and space disappears. Lie down on one of the soft cushions in the Atriumzaal and float away on this intoxicating veil of sound; a total experience for body and mind.

This third and new chapter of Book Of Air VVOLK calls se (in) de bos, shortly released by Sub Rosa. Book Of Air is a project by Stijn and Bert Cools, the brothers behind the arts platform Granvat.

"While getting deeper in the sound of vvolk, the perception of time fades. It is astonishing how improvised music can create such a timeless, and calming experience for the listener. This timelessness clearly has an effect on the physical body. After a concert of ‘vvolk’ you will leave with an altered body state."

"Intriguing and fascinating sound world that continuously stimulates and appeals to both the intellect and the (wild beating) heart."

"The grass is green, the sky is blue and dreams are pre-eminently the raw material of the real life where Book of Air once again writes a good soundtrack for." (Written in music)




Drums Stijn Cools - Vibraphone & Percussion Sep François - Double bass Hendrik Vanattenhoven, Nathan Wouters - Double bass and electric bass Laurens Smet - Electric guitar Bert Cools, Ruben Machtelinckx, Benjamin Sauzereau - Euphonium Niels Van Heertum - Tenor saxophone Viktor Perdieus, Thomas Jillings, Mathieu Robert - Alt saxophone Erik Bogaerts, Frans Van Isacker - Kankles Indre Jurgeleviciute - Harmonium Fruz Tonteling - Rhodes Wout Gooris - Tuba Berlinde Deman

With festivalpas.