Curating Lab Evening (cancelled)

Fri 23 Oct 2020 - 20:30 to 23:00

In this first Curating Lab, international curator Christine Eyene will develop a series of performances together with participants from different local communities. Together with sound artist Elsa M'Bala and DJ Mo Laudi they will spend a week exploring the meaning of nature, borders, migration and memory in relation to cultural auditory and musical heritage. At the same time they take up the challenge to express their experiences through social media and their processes will take shape on the Curating Lab Instagram account. #CuratingLab


- Performance Curating Lab

- Performance Elsa M'Bala 

- Performance Mo Laudi 

Elsa M’Bala (CA/DE) lives and works between Cameroon and Berlin. Her work explores African and Cameroonian histories, archives and feminism; through sonic experiments using the voice, acoustic instruments, analogue mediums, and digital technologies. Her practice also brings creativity and local communities together through cultural programmes and workshops, which she develops as an independent educator. She has been featured in Sounds Like Her: Gender Sound Art and Sonic Culture, New Art Exchange, Nottingham (2017) and was one of the incubator winners for Berlin Community Radio 2017.

The international DJ Mo Laudi has been involved in the Afro-electro scene in London for many years. At the request of OORtreders Festival, he is working from his South African roots on the naming of the festival, in order to create a new sound work. ‘Oortreder' in Afrikaans means 'overtreder' or 'trespasser'. What is the meaning of this term in relation to South African culture and the contemporary history of apartheid? When is someone a transgressor? Who has the power to give a name? The composition criticises the issue of access to, or exclusion from, land imposed by apartheid, which remains unresolved to this day. Afterwards the composition can be listened to in Radio Forest.