Sun 23.10 | 10:00 - 17:00
CC Palethe, Jeugdlaan 2, 3900 Overpelt

A project by Musica with the support of C-TAKT. Collectief Publiek Geluid (‘Collective Public Sound’) is a group of young makers, musicians and sound artists focused on musical creations in and for the public space: Lukas De Clerck, Sebastian Dingens, Anne Van de Star, Joost Van Duppen and Eveline Vervliet. During OORtreders they present a selection of new works.

On Saturday 22 October Collectief Publiek Geluid will also organize a symposium during the festival.

Anne van de Star
The Hanging Garden of RRRing
The Hanging Garden of RRRing is a kinetic installation of metal objects suspended at the same height and constantly colliding with each other. While some objects rotate powered by motors, others are set in motion only by the collisions.
The randomness of motionless material contrasts with the tight regularity of computer-controlled motors. In the resulting sound sculpture, the two are united, a metaphor for man's desperate attempt to impose his own rhythm on nature.
Eveline Vervliet
In 2021, Eveline began researching the possibilities for sound art on the internet, which should eventually lead to the creation of a platform. WebSoundArt will focus on spreading information about sound art on the internet through articles, workshops, and the support of new creations. 
During the expo, Eveline will give a presentation on her findings around internet sound art, and look ahead to the future platform WebSoundArt.
Joost Van Duppen
Dawn in Dusk
This year, Joost followed the migration of birds from Belgium to northern Sweden, via Germany and Denmark. On this route, he visited a number of quiet places that are part of the European 'Natura 2000' network. 
He made 5 quadrophonic recordings of the area during the 'dawn chorus', the dawn when the birds start to sing. These recordings are presented in a mono-media installation, with a complete focus on sound.
Early Ears
While making 'Dawn in Dusk', Joost was inspired to develop 'Early Ears'. Through this open stream, the soundscape of any location can be accessed and shared for anyone who wants to lend an ear. During the festival, you can use the player on this page (top left) to hear the changes in the soundscape in The Sound Forest as they happen live.
Lukas De Clerck
'Circular White Noise' is a performance framed within the project 'PAESSAGIMMAGINATI', a collaboration with sound artist Amber Meulenijzer (Saturday 22 October at 9:00 at the festival) and filmmaker Roberto Priamo Sechi. 
Using a microphone and the 12 horn speakers Amber mounted on the roof of her Saab 900, Lukas made a powerfully amplified recording of his own breath. The result is a circular white noise that attempts to embody the wind.
Sebastian Dingens
Metamorphosis - Resonances between landscape and memory
Our memories are subject to many processes: they fade, merge, harden and soften. Sebastian Dingens uses these psychological and biological phenomena as musical principles with which he edits field recordings of landscapes. 
The basic ingredients are mountains, fjords, wind and waterways, as well as chemical and climatic erosion. The compositions explore the temporality of a present that is constantly changing.

Collectief Publiek Geluid