Floris Vanhoof (BE)

Talking Gongs (2017)

OORtreders expo 19 ━ 21 October
Klankenbos, Toekomstlaan 5, 3910 Neerpelt

Two orchestral gongs are hanging above the pond in cubes. The gongs function like the membrane of speakers, converting the vibrations they receive into sound. Waves generated inside small electronic circuits are sent out into the open air by the large, physical objects. The signal moves from one gong to the other, which makes it seem as though these bodies in space are communicating with each other.

“This installation is the first time I have found a way to convert the electronic sounds I play live on a modular synthesiser into a museum context. Vibrations travel through the shiny metal alloy of the gongs and create resonance. This reinforces our sense of space in the two-dimensional discs that appear to be floating in the cubes.”

Website: endlesswebsite.blogspot.com

Sound: soundcloud.com/meditations/floris-vanhoof-talking-gongs

Concept, composition and performance: Floris Vanhoof

Talking Gongs is part of OORtreders expo, October 19 ─ 21: a free trail with sound art in the open air.