John Grzinich - Film Program (cancelled)

Sat 24 Oct 2020 - 20:00 to Sun 25 Oct 2020 - 12:00
Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Toekomstlaan 5, 3910 Pelt

Sound artist and central festival guest John Grzinich presents two films as part of a film programme, screened multiple times over the course of the festival. John Grzinich is known for his work with music and sound, but in his movies he proves that his eye is as keen as his ear. Referring to cinema of the senses, the starting point for his movies are often aural observations and sonic experiments in rural, natural and industrial areas, with sound guiding you through landscapes and places. 

CURONIA - John Grzinich (42’)

Curonia takes you on an audio-visual journey through the wide and desolate landscape of coastal Lithuania, using the ears of the author as your guide. The film explores the notion of how one can establish a relationship to a specific environment through sound, listening and other sensorial interactions. The elements of the natural environment and found materials and objects, provided a rich palette for exploration through both passive observation and active engagement. This film continues the authors aim to forge a unique cinematic language that uses image to re-enforce a primarily sonic driven narrative. 

The film Curonia was created during a two month artist’s residency at the Nida Art Colony in November and December 2011. “During the residency I made daily excursions into the landscape to collect objects, research acoustic phenomena, create temporary installations that respond to the environment and carry our performative actions. By the end of the residency I collected enough recorded material to develop a film project. ‘Curonia’ took its initial form from my previous film 'Sound Aspects of Material Elements' yet works with an editing style that reflects the environment and material I felt I captured.”

Curonia by: John Grzinich | Country of Production: Lithuania/Estonia | Produced by: maaheli editions | Concept, sound, camera, editing: John Grzinich | Collaborative recordings made with: Evelyn Grzinich | Logistics and support: Nida Art Colony, MoKS, Kultuur Kontakt Nord | January 2015.


A group of intrepid sound artists explore the nether regions of the Estonian countryside in search of sonic artifacts and abandoned places. Although the listening experience is often shared, each has his own creative approach, from musical interventions to improvisations with found objects and spaces. The sounds they gather are as ethereal, evocative and often haunting as the locations they explore. Transduction Twentyfifteen is composed as much as it is visually edited, giving a brief but tangible immersion into the art of sound hunting.

Transduction Twentyfifteen is composed as an audio-visual opus in 4 parts: Volumetric Recursion (for Alvin Lucier), The Wire Listeners, Erratic Sediment, Resonant Intonations.

Country of Production: Estonia | Produced by: maaheli editions | Camera, editing, sound: John Grzinich | Logistics and support: Active Crossover, MoKS | February 2016 | Featuring sounds and recordings by: John Grzinich, Simon Whetham, Eamon Sprod, Jim Haynes, Rostislav Rekuta, Dawn Scarfe, Tuulikki Bartosik, Fernando Godoy and Yiorgis Sakellariou.

John Grzinich (EST) has worked primarily with sound composition, performance and installation since the early 1990s with a focus on site-specific and acoustic sound activity. His work has resulted in numerous performances and projects made throughout Europe and the US. His compositions have been published on a number of CDs from such labels as SIRR, Staalplaat, Edition Sonoro, CUT, Elevator Bath, etc. Currently he is project and media lab coordinator for MoKS-Center for art and Social Practice, an international artist residency center and project space in southeast Estonia.

This film Progam will be screened on Saturday 24.10 from 20:00 - 21:00 hours, and will also be screened on sunday 25.10 from 11:30 - 12:30 hours.