Sat 22.10 | 13:30
CC Palethe, Jeugdlaan 2, 3900 Overpelt

This 'poetic documentary' by podcast maker Lotte Nijsten and musician Gillis Van Der Wee deals with the friction between the human desire to control nature and its impact on the maritime ecosystem. An immersive soundtrack completely immerses the audience in the story, supported by video mapping of underwater images. Musica has been involved in the development of the project from the start, and will present the first public performance during the OORtreders festival.

concept: Lotte Nijsten & Gillis Van Der Wee - interviews, text & direction: Lotte Nijsten - field recording: Lotte Nijsten & Gillis Van Der Wee - sound design: Gillis Van Der Wee - music: Thomas Van Walle & Gillis Van der Wee - scenography: Fleur Roggeman - lighting design: Seppe Brouckaert - photo: Cato Beljaars & Lotte Nijsten - dramaturgy: Els Theunis, Adriaan Van Aken & Christophe Aussems

In collaboration with Het Nieuwstedelijk and Cas-Co - co-production by De Grote Post with support from De Vlaamse Overheid and Sabam For Culture - thanks to: Stijn Demeulenaere, Musica, NIOZ, VLIZ, RITCS School of Arts and ONE-Dyas.

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