Sat 1.10 - Sun 23.10 | 10:00 - 17:00
CC Palethe, Jeugdlaan 2, 3900 Overpelt

Méryll Ampe approaches sound as a tangible medium to mould and shape, live and in real time. Using analogue devices (oscillators and drum machines) she builds a dense sound matter that you can almost physically touch; sharp and extremely raw. Her visual work also builds on the relationship between hearing and touching, between sound and matter. Partition is a bas-relief of a series of drumsticks in plaster, and thus an 'alternative score' that reproduces very precisely the rolls performed.

On Saturday evening, Méryll Ampe will also bring a live performance at a very special venue: the Saint-Nicolas Church in downtown Pelt.

Méryll Ampe