Stijn Demeulenaere (BE)

Oortreders (2013)

OORtreders expo 19 ━ 21 October
Klankenbos, Toekomstlaan 5, 3910 Neerpelt

Ongoing soundscape with field recordings from Limpopo, South Africa. OORtreders FESTIVAL takes its name from this piece: ‘Oortreders’ is Afrikaans for trespassers, people who wander through unfamiliar territory. The recordings were made in 2013 in a game reserve, a natural environment where there were hardly any industrial or urban sounds to be heard. The listening experience is gradually manipulated by the artists: by shifting the sounds between the left and right ear, the composition gradually leaves the natural sounds behind, resulting in an electronic kaleidoscope of displaced sounds.




Artistic concept, composition and performance: Stijn Demeulenaere

Oortreders is part of OORtreders expo, October 19 ─ 21: a free trail with sound art in the open air.