Programma Talks ‘Sound & Society’ - Cancelled

Sun 25 Oct 2020 - 13:00 to 16:00
Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Toekomstlaan 5, 3910 Neerpelt

The series of talks brings together 6 artists and researchers on the relationship between sound and society. Each from their specific angle, they take action. Central themes are social engagement, political identity, decolonisation, cultural diversity and participation; with sound as a method to relate to personal and subjective histories.

Rokia Bamba: The Brussels DJ Rokia Bamba (Kunstenfestivaldesarts, La Colonie) is part of the artistic project Troubled Archives, with Antje Van Wichelen, where she works as a sound artist with archive photographs from the pre-colonial and 19th century colonial period. She shows how individual artistic archive research becomes a community project. 

Maarten De Vrieze: During his master studies at KASK, Maarten De Vrieze spent several months in Marseille with the project Desire Lines. With a concrete mixer behind his bicycle he met people whose stories he documented and later presented in the public space. With urban shortcuts (wish paths) as subject, he consciously opts for long-term processes. An exploration of participation from within and the development of instruments that make imagination visible. In his talk he reflects on his nomadic process, the connections he makes along the way and his position as an artist today.

Christine Eyene - Curating Lab: the international art critic and curator Christine Eyene, designs a Curating Lab as part of the festival, where she works with participants and artists on auditory memory, migration, borders and nature as a collective space for reconciliation. She has curated exhibitions around the world such as Sounds Like Her - Gender, Sound Art and Sonic Cultures, New Art Exchange (Nottingham) and is the current Artistic Director of the Casablanca International Biennale.

Mo Laudi: DJ and sound artist Mo Laudi developed, together with others, the influential Afro-electro scene in London. Over the past few months he has been working on a new sound creation about the name of the festival. He goes deeper into neo-colonial imagery, the complex (spiritual) relationships between past and present that are still present today, and his connecting and engaged role. 

Slavek Kwi: Sound Artist Slavek Kwi investigates the possibilities of sound composition through telepathy or of telepathic communication with sound as a medium. As part of this lecture we will listen to the result of the first part of his performance that took place during the Listening Program on 24.10. An attempt to create a telepathic connection between Belgium and Ireland.