Tuning People (BE)

Stadsklank (2017)

OORtreders expo 20 ━ 21 October
Kunstacademie Noord Limburg, Toekomstlaan 9, 3910 Neerpelt

STADSKLANK is an auditory blueprint of the city. Wannes Deneer is intrigued by the cultural riches in cities. Music is the language with which he investigates this array of cultures. He went in search of musicians in Antwerp who were prepared to play a short piece for the camera. When all these sounds coincide, you can travel around the whole world in a single city: Nusret & Albert, MC Khalid, Sheng Long, Adalberto Domingues, Ajoe Joe, the Antwerp local police force’s Royal Concert Band, Foozen Ken, Baris Koygulu, Yorgos Tsakiridis & Aarich Jespers and more...

Website: www.tuningpeople.be

Concept: Wannes Deneer Implementation: Wannes Deneer, Aarich Jespers, Jochem Baelus, Stijn Grupping Lighting design and video technique: Sander Salden Production manager: Britt De Jonghe Producer: Tuning People A co-production with deSingel In partnership with: Q0-2, Villanella, wp Zimmer, Froefroe With the support of the Flemish government

Stadsklank takes place in the theater hall of Kunstacademie Noord-Limburg, Toekomstlaan 9, 3910 Neerpelt. Kunstacademie Noord-Limburg is at 1 min. biking distance and 3 min. walking distance from the festival.


*20/10: 12h - 00h

*21/10: 9h30 - 17h