Volker Staub (DE)

Kula Kula (2018)

20 October ━ 14.30
Tussenstraat, Tussenstraat, 3910 Neerpelt

Kulning is a Scandinavian music form, often used to call livestock like cows or goats down from high mountain pastures. It has a high-pitched vocal technique, a loud call using head tones without vibrato, so that it can be heard or be used to communicate over long distances. It has a fascinating and haunting tone, often conveying a feeling of sadness, in large part because of rich ornaments and typical microtones found in the music of the region.

The composition Kula Kula refers to this long distance communication with sounds and music. More than twenty musicians are spread over an area of approximately one square kilometer interacting and communicating with melodic and rhythmic patterns. Bells from local farms manufactured for cows, horses and sheep will be used together with other instruments and singing. Live music will interconnect with the sounds of the environment. Towards the end the performers will gather around Volker Staub´s sound-artwork Xylibraphon to integrate these tones in the performance and to create a dense concentration of complex sound at the end of the piece.

Volker Staub was born in 1961 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He studied piano and composition and has developed and built experimental musical instruments and sound installations, which he uses in his own works. In 2012 he founded the One Earth Orchestra. The intercultural music project Along the Spine, scheduled for 2015 – 2020, leads this ensemble along the American Cordillera, from the most southern part of South-Amarika to Alaska, to intensify the cultural dialogue between western and American music cultures and to document especially the music of indigenous communities. Volker Staub has taught composition and experimental music in various countries and leads the Academia de Composición at the Conservatorio Franz Listzt in Quito.

Artistic director and composition: Volker Staub In collaboration with C-TAKT and Musica, Impulscentre for Music.

This performance takes place in the Tussenstraat 4-6, 3910 Neerpelt. There will be a shuttle bus that brings you from the festival to the Tussenstraat. Please be in time at the infostand.



* 14h35

* Back at 15h45

The location is at 7 min. biking distance and 30 min. walking distance from the festival.