Volker Staub (DE)

Xylibraphon, Multiplayer Mallet Percussion Instrument (2018)

OORtreders expo 19 ━ 21 October

This enormous instrument is designed for several players in the open air, and incorporates elements of a xylophone (wood), lithophone (stone) and vibraphone (metal). The bars are all the same length, but they are made of 25 natural materials that each have their own timbre. The combination of cherry wood and granite, for example, generates a unique sound spectrum independent of classical scales and instrument theory. Fascinated by local history, the artist collected old objects he received from farmers in the region. Pick up the mallets and create an environment full of rhythm and sound.

Volker Staub (DE) is a composer, musician and instrument maker. He studied the piano and composition in Darmstadt and Cologne. He is renowned for his unusual approach to sound. This is expressed in the instruments he develops and the compositions he creates.

Website: www.volker-staub.de - www.one-earth-orchestra.de

Artistic concept and realisation: Volker Staub Xylibraphon is a feature of the Landbouwfietsroute and a collaboration between the municipality of Neerpelt and Musica, Impulse Centre for Music.

Xylibraphon part of OORtreders expo, October 19 ─ 21: a free trail with sound art in the open air. The installation is situated in the Tussenstraat 4-6. Tussenstraat is at 7 min. biking distance and 30 min. walking distance from the festival.