Yvan Vander Sanden (BE)

Interact II (2018)

20 October ━ 12.00
Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Toekomstlaan 5, 3910 Neerpelt

A game-like underwater space for geeks and audio freaks with electronic blimps and singers you can control yourself... 

Artist in residence Yvan Vander Sanden is a composer and app developer. He will be building an open source environment for interactive audio art in the coming years as part of the C-TAKT network. This social interface will enable users to control and manipulate scores and instruments themselves. Originally from Neerpelt, Vander Sanden studied music theory and composition, after which he worked for the Logos Foundation. * only for Android

Website: https://interact.mutecode.com/

Sound: soundcloud.com/yvanvandersanden

Artistic concept and realisation: Yvan vander Sanden Voice: MLDRD (Kathelijne Jordens, Goedele Vandommele, Sofie Veldeman, Jeroen Henckaerts, Peter Loos, Yvan Vander Sanden) In collaboration with C-TAKT, Musica, Impulscentrum voor Muziek

This ongoing installation is free and will be activated with a vocal performance at 14h, 15h, 15h, 17h, 18h30 and 21h15.