Full program online


The full program for OORtreders 2018, Festival for art with sound is online! 

... ━ VVOLK (granvat) ━ The Quixtet & ChampdAction ━ Volker Staub (DE) ━ Patrick Housen ━ Marco Barotti (IT) ━ Dounia Mahammed ━ Hans Roels ━ Collectief Publiek Geluid ━ Mami Izumi (JP, NL) & Germaine Sijstermans(NL) ━ Maika Garnica & Aiko Devriendt ━ Yvan Vander Sanden ━ Kevin Trappeniers ━ Floris Vanhoof ━ Heleen Van Haegenborgh ━ Kevin Houben & Het Groot Pelts Fusiekoor ━ Joris Van de Moortel ━ Philipp Hawlitschek(DE) ━ Marius Buck(DE)━ TUNING PEOPLE ━ Stijn Demeulenaere ━ ...

+ Labelmarket, early morning nature walk, expo, interviews, bosbar ...

OORtreders Festival is a day of fun in the forest, with adventurous music and sound art by young, upcoming makers at unusual locations in the Limburg Canal Zone. In the theatre spotlights or the forest shadows, this festival with more than 25 concerts, performances and sound installations is the ideal listening place for anyone fascinated by unfamiliar terrain. The theme of this second edition is musical signals: Say Something!

OORtreders expo
19 ━ 21 October
Did you miss some of the works of art at the festival? Stay for an extra day in the forest and enjoy the work of various international artists during your woodland walk.

All info & tickets: www.oortreders.com 

OORtreders 2018 is organised by C - TAKT & Musica - Impulscentrum voor Muziek, with the support of Dommelhof, Flemish Government, Province of Limburg, Palethe Cultuurcentrum, Gemeente Pelt & Gonzo (circus)