Local kitchen with de Biehal vzw


With vegetables from their bio-garden, leftovers and other deliciousness, de Biehal vzw takes care of healthy soup and food during the festival.

OORtreders Festival stands for sustainability with a heart for the environment. Enjoy during the festival food & drinks made by local and social engaged partners. De Biehal vzw is a versatile company that offers tailor-made services involving recycling shops, ground-keeping and hospitality. De Biehal vzw prioritise social employment. De Biehal offers employment, support and a brighter future to over 250 people who, for whatever reason, have limited opportunities in the regular labour market. De Biehal aims to offer employment opportunities to as many vulnerable groups as possible, particularly when it comes to people in poverty. That is why de Biehal focus on people who are in long-term unemployment, early school leavers, people who receive welfare benefits and people with psycho-social issues. De Biehal active in Limburg as well as the Kempen region of Antwerp.