Live programme


  • Jean-Yves Bosseur - Musiques Vertes: a piece based on the project of the same name by Christine Armengaud. In the late 1970s, Armengaud performed research on a long tradition in southeastern France, concerning musical instruments made from organic materials and plants.
  • Composer, theater director and media artist Sandeep Bhagwati presents an immersive audience performance, in collaboration with various local and international musicians, singers and actors (as part of the Erasmus+ project 'Sounds Now').

Between 2 and 6 pm you can take a tour of performances at CC Palethe, including:

  • Lotte Nijsten & Gillis Van Der Wee - Booreiland: a brand new performance in which an intimate portrait of the North Sea is painted through various soundscapes.
  • Elsa M'Bala: the public is invited to play her self-built instrument 'lusaka' based on a graphic score, which they can interpret as they see fit.
  • The afternoon will be concluded with a festive expo happening. Cathy Van Eck, Hans Beckers, Yoana Buzova and Albert Mayr will present short artistic interventions.

From 7 pm the program continues at the Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, where you can further immerse yourself in a series of diverse performances by Karl Van Welden & Frederik Croene, David Weber-Krebs, Ine Claes and Méryll Ampe.


  • Donika Rudi - Sea, Space & Earth: with her acousmatic music, the Kosovar composer explores different sound materials and the fluidity of sounds in space.
  • Alvin Lucier: on Sunday afternoon we put the spotlight on the work of the versatile artist that passed away last year. Lucier was a visual artist, writer, and composer of mythical experimental music and sound installations. There will be a screening of the film 'No ideas but in things - The composer Alvin Lucier', and musician Hauke Harder Lucier will perform a rare reprise of Lucier's piece 'Bird and Person Dyning'.
  • Caroline Coolen and The EC Band: For the die-hards, there will be a musical closing show at Atelier Lucas Pellens on Sunday evening. The result of a week-long residency with Coolen, the American-Brussels painter-musician Luke Calzonetti and percussionist Stijn Wybouw.

Side programme

Alongside the live programme there are several events that embody the spirit of the festival’s theme:

  • Marie-Pierre Bonniol - film screening of 'Wasser': an inner and musical journey over water and its different states. The soundtrack features work by Khaki Blazer, Raymonde, Andreas O. Hirsch, The Dead Mauriacs, and Richard Pinhas, among others.
  • On Sunday afternoon we present a programme of children's films for all ages, with the decisive relationship between sound and water as a central theme.
  • Collectief Publiek Geluid’ is a group of young makers, musicians and sound artists who focus on musical creations in the public space. They present their six-year research trajectory in the form of an exhibition and a celebratory symposium.
  • In the run-up to the festival, various sound projects will be created in residencies, in collaboration with various partners. These are also presented during the festival.
  • Local partners provide food and drinks.
  • …and much more!

OORtreders Festival is a festival by C-TAKT and Musica Impulse Centre in collaboration with CC Palethe, Expo-group Off, Off, Off, the Flemish Community, the Flemish Government, Municipality of Pelt, IN SITU, Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof and Province of Limburg. 
The performance To Sing While Drowning by Sandeep Bhagwati in the context of Sounds Now is co-financed by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.