Joris Van de Moortel (BE)

SMOKE on TOUR II Sculpture/Performance (2018)

20 oktober ━ 21.50 uur
Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Toekomstlaan 5, 3910 Neerpelt

Een rokende vintage auto, loeiende gitaar solo’s & groene neonlampen: performer & muzikant Joris Van de Moortel doet met veel lawaai OORtreders aan, als tweede in de rij op zijn SMOKE on TOUR. Net als vuurwerk ’s avonds laat: een spectaculair einde na een wervelende festivaldag. Mis dit niet!

“It took me a long time doing my drivers’ license, 10 years actually after the official date I was allowed to, but I got it finally. The first thing you do, even before, finishing the lessons, is buying the car you always wanted. I had an unexplainable fixation for a white Audi 80, 90’s model. So I had to figure out where this came from and so I got one. Within the first week I had my temporary license, the car was tuned into a new work, a sculpture, a stage for a performance. On the car’s battery a converter serves electricity for a couple of green neon lights, a fog machine, an amplifier and PA system. I occasionally perform with the car, and I daily drive it in and around the city I live.”